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Exchange Rate Feeds for Zoho CRM

This Zoho extension automates the process of updating the currency exchange rates in Zoho CRM with latest values. The update for the base currency V/s other currency happens daily. The exchange rate feeds are taken from



License Cost

  • 10 days free trial

  • Post that $5/month for unlimited users in your account

How it Works

  • Install the extension

  • Get API key from

  • Browse to configure settings of the extension & paste the API key 

  • Activate the currencies for which you will like the feed to autoupdate the exchange rate

  • Add/Subtract threshold value to the original converted value, as per your business requirement


  • Read and automatically updates the latest currency exchange rates from

  • All the currencies get an update for the base currency exchange rate on daily basis

  • On request this can be also be extended to twice daily  

  • Add/Subtract threshold value to the base exchange rate feeds as per your needs . 

Step By Step Installation & Usage Guide

We have divided this guide into two sections, “Basic Installation & Usage Section” & “Advance Setup” . We will cover both of this in detail below.


                                          Basic Installation & Usage Section

Step 1 : Install the extension 

Step 2: Authorize your Zoho CRM account 


Step 3: SignUp on  to get a free API key

Step 4: Browse through the “Api Keys” section as illustrated in the screenshot below to get the API key


Step 5: In Zoho CRM now go to configure settings of extension and paste the API key copied in the above step

Advance Setup

You may have a business use case where you would like to change the original value of the exchange rate received from the API and add/subtract some threshold value to it. Refer to the screenshot below ,


Business Scenario Example: Say for example you have USD as your base currency and you want to transfer “X” amount to India in INR . The customer to whom you want to transfer has asked you to cover the transfer fees which is say for example “X+0.5” to the base currency exchange rate. In such a case you may go to “Extension Settings” and add +0.5 to the currency converted.

For any assistance or more information about the connector, please get in touch with us. You can either mail your queries on or fill up the support form

Help & Support

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