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IDX CRM Connector

Switching accounts between IDX & Zoho to view or edit data are things of past now. This extension facilitates to sync data between Zoho CRM and IDX Broker. After installing the extension you will be able to sync broker agents and leads seamlessly between the accounts.

License Cost

  • 10 days of free trial

  • Post that $5/month for unlimited users in your account

How it Works

  • Install the extension

  • Login to IDX Broker & copy the API key from "Access Control" section 

  • New module will be installed with name "IDX Broker Agents" . Try creating new record and at top right you will see a button with name "Sync Existing IDX Brokers". Click it to sync all broker agents from IDX

  • All Leads created in CRM are automatically synced in IDX Broker and vice versa 

  • All changes made to to the Leads on either of the accounts are synced automatically 

  • Sync from Zoho CRM to IDX is instant , however from IDX to CRM there is a wait time of 1 hr.


  • Leads created in Zoho CRM & IDX sync automatically & vice versa

  • Leads updated in Zoho CRM & IDX sync automatically & vice versa

  • Hourly Sync of Agents & Leads from IDX 

  • Import existing Agent Brokers from IDX

  • IDX Broker Agent created in Zoho CRM syncs with IDX Agents


This extension is developed by “EasyTocheck Software Solutions” and for any further assistance and customization , users can directly get in touch with us. We will update the extension with new updates which will be available to all existing customers at no extra cost. Publishing or copying the extension partially or contextually is strictly prohibited as the company holds the proprietorship for developing this connector which includes logic & integration workflow

Privacy Policy

EasyToCheck Software Solutions adhere to all security protocols while gathering any user data. The plugin developed by us follows AUTH 2.0 protocols to integrate Zoho CRM with IDX Broker account. With this we do not gather any personal or account related data.

Any personal information collected by these applications will not be stored or transmitted to us. However we have no control over or access to specific information provided by Zoho or IDX Broker , such as email ID or phone number so that we can support your better.


Help & Support

For any assistance or more information about the connector, please get in touch with us. You can either mail your queries on or fill up the support form

Thanks! We will contact you shortly

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