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As Zoho premium partner we have provided our services to more than 1500+ Zoho customers worldwide. For each customer, the complete CRM architecture is provided at no cost along with free Zoho consultancy. So that you are confident in our implementation as your reliable Zoho Partner. Before doing the complete Zoho Implementation we also provide you with a working proof of concept based on your requirement. Because of these key differentiators, we are being awarded as the top 20 technology partners in India by the CIO Review.











We thrive to be an evangelist for all Zoho products. Our development team has been integrating Zoho with many ERP systems, accounting software, Google applications, and other third-party applications according to the business requirements of our clients to automate their business in every aspect. We offer Zoho implementation and Zoho consulting services for businesses in the Asia Pacific region including the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and Singapore.​ In addition, we are able to offer in-depth Zoho CRM support and training as well as keep you updated on software upgrades and new features direct from Zoho as they are released.​

EasyToCheck Software Solutions is a Zoho premium partner and the biggest reseller of Zoho CRM in India. Zoho CRM is a multi-channel CRM software with an inbuilt conversational AI, pipeline management system, tools for marketing and Zoho automation, and in-depth analytics.

With the help of this partnership, EasyToCheck Software Solutions provides services for Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator, Zoho Desk, Zoho People, Zoho Recruit, and many more. Our development team has been integrating Zoho with many ERP systems, accounting software, Google applications, and other third-party applications according to the business requirements of our clients to automate their business in every aspect.


Some of the  Zoho products on which we have worked intensely are:

Zoho Partners customize, integrate and implement Zoho solutions for their customers. Once this custom system goes live, consulting partners train client-side users, provide first-level client support, and manage relationships.


Zoho Extensions Developed 


Apart from normal Zoho implementation, we have developed numerous extensions for Zoho Marketplace so that the Zoho community is benefited overall. Some of these extensions are available for free use and the ones that are paid are priced at a very nominal fee. This is also true that all our Zoho extensions have got a free trial period, during which you can try the actual extension before buying it.  Some of the extensions developed by us as Zoho Partner, 



Zoho Development Pedagogy 


Our approach has always been to provide low cost and best value Zoho services for our clients. Whenever a new Zoho implementation comes to us we follow unique pedagogy to get the best of inputs from our client. Once the Zoho requirement is derived we get onto the Zoho architecture design part, where we design the whole flow for Zoho development, understand integration points, and finally what all Zoho products will be used to meet your expectations. 

Deliver outstanding applications to your clients at competitive pricing with Zoho partner


The coding and app development market are enormous. Applications must stand out from their competitors offering easy-to-use features and a compelling interface. You need to adopt a compelling platform to ensure smooth business operation. Alongside, you can remain ensured about customer management. Zoho Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software comes with an inbuilt conversational AI, marketing and sales force automation tools, pipeline management system, and in-depth analytics. You require consulting a Zoho Partner to automate your business in every aspect as per the requirements. 

Zoho is the platform with its own programming language- Deluge. You can accelerate your business management process with a compelling and upgraded platform integrated with excellent tools. The free cloud platform allows you to access an easy-to-use and straightforward interface. You can ensure a superior customer experience.

We help our clients by offering first-level customer support with dedicated consulting partners. We also offer consultation and real-time support to our clients to drive their business surpassing their competitors. You can solve the challenges faced while accessing the platform with a Zoho Partner.

Zoho Digital transformation 


When you talk about implementing CRM as a whole it not only relates to specific domains like marketing automation or creating a sales pipeline. But today corporations can look for complete digital transformation on the Zoho cloud. The system has various tools that enable this seamless transition. With more than 45+ Zoho applications available today, it seems nothing is impossible to achieve. As Zoho partner, our client reviews and feedback speaks for itself. Book a Zoho consultant for free now, and we will assist you in this journey of digital transformation.

What is a Zoho Premium Partner?

With so many Zoho consulting options available to you as a business owner, you want to make sure you’re giving your business to the right one – a Zoho Premium Partner.  But, what is a Zoho Premium Partner, and how is that any different from a regular Zoho partner?



Zoho is choosy about who can join its list of Zoho partners – in order for a consulting firm to be considered a Zoho partner, that company has to fit into one of these categories:

  • Zoho CRM consulting and  deployment company

  • Reseller for Zoho CRM and all its corresponding apps

  • Reseller for Zoho Creator, which allows companies to design their own programs and apps

  • The developer that can provide customized Zoho add-ons and integrations

We at EasyToCheck Software Solutions are happy to tell you we fit into all four of these categories.  This means that when you do business with us, you get the entire Zoho apps experience, from CRM to Social – and everything in between.  As a Zoho partner, EasyToCheck Software Solutions can:

  • Help you deploy your Zoho CRM, supplement it with other Zoho apps (including Zoho Creator), and offer to consult help as well

  • Provide custom Zoho integrations to programs like QuickBooks, Sage 100 (MAS 90 & MAS 200), SAP Business One, and many others.

  • As well as consulting for issues that may arise with Zoho, we also offer team training packages for Zoho’s apps and CRM deployment-specific training sessions.  We take our partnership with Zoho very seriously, and, for that reason, we leave nothing to the imagination when it comes to getting you Zoho help and support.

This stringent requirement means that when you choose to do business with a Zoho Premium Partner, you’re getting the best of what Zoho has to offer – essentially, a hand-picked Zoho partner.  As a Premium Partner, we’re one of Zoho’s finest – and, that’s a distinction we don’t take lightly. Contact us to see the real difference between dealing with a regular Zoho partner and a real Zoho Premium Partner.

When it comes to choosing a partner to help you with Zoho CRM, you have many, many choices, so we’re happy you stopped by this page.  Please give us a ring if you have any questions about how doing business with a Zoho Premium Partner can propel your business much further than doing business with a different Zoho partner.

We as a Zoho Partner have integrated Zoho with Google applications, ERP systems, accounting software, and several other third-party applications to meet the business requirements of the clients. We don’t leave any stone unturned to automate their business and achieve their targets.

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Zoho Invoice Consulting
Zoho People Consulting

“Best zoho partners ever. It seems that his team wrote the Zoho CRM themself. There is really nothing they can't do. They could convert all my Ideas into my CRM”

Pierre Copanakis, President SHL Skynet Holdings Ltd

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