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Ensure balanced communication with clients with Zoho WhatsApp Integration

Do you have a WhatsApp business account? Do you wish to sync the business account with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system? If you are using Zoho CRM you can easily sync your WhatsApp business account with the platform with Zoho WhatsApp Integration. The extension allows you to integrate Zoho CRM with WhatsApp and send or receive messages and files directly from your CRM account. With the extension, you don’t need to download WhatsApp web and switch between different tabs or applications to manage the business conversations on WhatsApp. Zoho WhatsApp Integration eliminates tedious works and turns it simple.

How can Zoho WhatsApp Integration help you in managing your business deals?

Zoho WhatsApp Integration offers you the ability of message leads, customers, contacts, and more on WhatsApp directly from the CRM. The interface allows instant messaging and automatically stores the messages and data shared amid the conversations on the system. You can view the sent and received messages on WhatsApp directly inside the lead or contact tab. Zoho WhatsApp Integration also allows the users to access media and files shared during the conversation. You can simply click on the external URL and avoid downloading Zoho CRM. You can send WhatsApp messages and schedule your marketing campaigns easily.

With the extension for Zoho WhatsApp Integration, you can keep a track of the WhatsApp messages sent by your team which enables you to control the WhatsApp communications of your company. The extension will help you to manage the entire process collaboratively. You can add multiple team members in the same conversation of WhatsApp and assign the tasks simply. Zoho WhatsApp Integration allows you to control the business works through the instant messaging platform from different platforms, i.e. PC, tablet, Smartphone. With this innovative step, you can ensure professional and well-integrated business dealing. Your employees will use the WhatsApp Business account to interact with the clients.

Here are the features of Zoho WhatsApp Integration-:

  • You can send and receive text, PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and other file formats from the WhatsApp business account.

  • It is easier to merge documents in Zoho Docs and send them directly to customers via the WhatsApp account.

  • You can upload and send files directly from your local device to WhatsApp.

  • You can easily send scheduled WhatsApp messages to customers, e.g. Birthday Greetings, Insurance Policy Reminder, etc.

  • You can send bulk WhatsApp messages to customers in one go.

  • You will easily get notified instantly inside Zoho CRM about any incoming WhatsApp message.

  • With Zoho WhatsApp Integration you can automate replies and actions based on message content and save time on your customer care.

Invest your time and effort in business expansion and management

The integrated features of Zoho WhatsApp Integration will help you to send automated messages and start a conversation with your potential customers which will ultimately attract their interest in a new way. With Zoho WhatsApp Integration you can create targeted marketing campaigns by sending WhatsApp Messages Templates. You need to select the leads or existing contacts in your ZOHO CRM and customize the message date and time to carry out the process. Zoho WhatsApp Integration enables you to spend less time managing your software. You can invest your time and effort in managing your business. Zoho CRM built to integrate with other apps easily syncs with the instant messaging app and ensures easy access to the services you use every day. The extension for Zoho WhatsApp Integration proves to be an effective tool that helps you to discover new ways of improving your business.

Select the best extension and revamp your business communication skills

Zoho WhatsApp Integration allows you to create a targeted WhatsApp marketing campaign for your selected business leads or contacts. You can accordingly customize the message, date, and time of the campaign considering the business requirements. The Zoho WhatsApp Integration extension allows you to visualize and manage the messages all together with emails, calls, and more received from your customers in one place. In cases of worst internet connectivity, the messages you send to your customers won’t get delivered in real-time. The extension sends the messages in the form of SMS in such cases automatically in real-time. There are multiple extensions available for Whatsapp in Zoho Marketplace allowing you to make the selection as per your choice and feasibility. The overall customer experience and interaction achieves a new dimension by using this extension . Say for example , you are from education, manufacturing or real estate business , & you will like to send automated messages for pending invoices , claims or package deliveries . This all process can be automated by sending whatsapp messages using our extension , thus evading any manual process & entries for client communication.

Zoho WhatsApp Integration can help you to boost your business by allowing you to seamlessly manage communication with your clients. Explore more about Zoho WhatsApp Integration and the services you can access.

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