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Zoho Backstage - Online Event Management Software

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Zoho Backstage in an end-to-end event management system designed for event planners, firms, and agencies. The cloud-based tool from Zoho offers options for planning, scheduling, promoting, and running events, and is supplied with tools to trace attendees and consider performance analytics. Zoho Backstage are often wont to set up and manage large-scale events like conferences, product launches, exhibitions, trade shows, and more, for any business.

With Zoho Backstage, businesses will collaborate on planning events, coming up with content like landing pages and communications to go alongside the event, promote their event through email and social media promoting, and connect with attendees on the day. Users will build a close agenda for his or her events using the drag-and-drop interface to form schedules with details on key speakers or workshops. With the Zoho Backstage app, attendees will read the schedule for the event and even have the choice to individualize their own agenda by combining sessions that supported their interests.

In the run-up to the event, Zoho Backstage facilitates the marketing and promotion of events with tools as well as a custom event web site builder, social media sharing, promotional banners, localized communications, and more. Tickets are often sold online through native integration with Eventbrite, and users will track price tag sales and registrations before the event begins.

Zoho Backstage facilitates audience engagement throughout the event by providing attendees with access to discussion boards, virtual Q&A sessions, announcements to alert them of changes to schedules, and targeted emails. Attendees will access content, announcements, and interactive sessions through the Zoho Backstage mobile app, and that they will individualize the app to see content that's relevant to them.

Actionable insights are provided to event organizers each throughout and once the event relating to group action, step by session, audience engagement, price tag sales, event performance, and more. With Zoho Backstage, analytics are provided in real-time and might be wont to enhance the event or create changes pro re nata. Feedback is often gathered from attendees each throughout and once the event on workshops, displays, and overall event coming up with.

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