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Zoho CRM for Business

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

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Zoho CRM permits you to manage client accounts and permits you to observe all of their accounts from a shared database. you'll read them across product, locations, account, and status and track their purchase history for cross-selling purposes and even open upsell opportunities.

Zoho CRM offers real-time access to important knowledge and has a chance following tool that permits you to see where a particular client is within the sales cycle, the deal size, contact history, competitor profile to own an insight on what type of email approach you'll be able to send that specific client. Zoho also allows you to determine and target inactive leads with historical knowledge that you'll be able to use to realign your client messaging approach.

This application also helps you maximize social media as a result of most of the clients come from Twitter or Facebook. This makes Zoho CRM a necessary tool to own which may assist you to link them to your product or services. How is this possible? Zoho CRM follows the customers’ behaviors and categorizes them as leads and contacts for you to attach and send the invites for your own business or product.

Zoho is accessible on your mobile device and is dedicated to all android and IOS users. This can assist you to stay in touch with customers even if you are out of your office. With these nice advantages, Zoho CRM can guarantee increased revenue associated with a lot of opportunities for your business to grow at an exponential rate.

Some other important benefits of Zoho CRM:

  • Zoho CRM helps you act with customers to improve the business relationship. Through one CRM account, you'll be able to reach them via email, phone, chat, and social media.

  • Zoho CRM helps businesses organize and speed up sales ways by identifying priorities and following sales on easy-to-read graphs.

  • Zoho CRM assists with the synchronization of everybody and everything that has contact with current and future customers. That features the sales department, marketing, technical support, further as client service.

  • Zoho CRM is free for 10 users. you'll be able to test drive it before you purchase it!

  • Zoho CRM is also available as an app through Google!

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