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Zoho Meeting - A Communications Software Application

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Zoho Meeting is a popular communications software application that permits you to conduct on-line conferences a lot of expeditiously and cut travel prices. It's designed for companies with multiple teams in several places in order that they will collaborate in real-time and closely along. Its integrated audio conferencing permits you to share your desktop and conduct an in-person meeting with customers. Demonstrate your software across the world while not exploit your workplace. You'll also transfer management to customers throughout product shows.

Zoho Meeting is the best and most reasonable on-line web conferencing tool to reinforce the business collaboration with screen/application sharing, audio, and video conferencing. It provides single users also as small and large size organizations, a fast and simple way to host and conduct secure and cost-efficient online conferences. Host product launches, feature demonstrations, sales shows, lead-nurturing webinars, user education webinars, and on-line conferences, right from your browser.

Zoho Meeting also incorporates a webinar solution for hosting webinars wherever users will interact and educate leads. Since it's totally web-based, downloading the software isn’t needed. In fact, attendees will simply take part in one click.

Zoho Meeting works with Windows, Mac, and Linux OS, even in coinciding access. Likewise, you'll use it via IE, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and alternative in popular browsers.

Overview of Zoho Meeting Benefits:

  1. Conduct turns out demos or sales pitches anyplace, anytime through simple on-line meeting

  2. Use any OS or browser even at the same time throughout a meeting; Zoho Meeting supports Windows, Mac, or Linux OS; and with that is, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and alternative infamous browsers

  3. Quickly access conferences through your desktop with no need to launch a browser

  4. Embed Zoho Meeting in your web site and use it as a web meeting portal to succeed into a wider audience

  5. No got to download or install once connection sessions

  6. Customize Zoho Meeting in line with your brand’s color or logo

Other key options include: work in into Zoho Meeting straight from your desktop; embedding Zoho Meeting in your web site to succeed in a wider audience; and rebranding it along with your own combination and logo.

As a certified Zoho partner, we are happy to help you. Please fill the form below to book a Zoho consultant now.

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