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Zoho Orchestly - A Workflow Management Software

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

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The key advantages of Zoho Orchestly all stem from its combination of business process management capabilities and features. Whereas the features themselves are easy, however valuable they become for a company depends on however they're deployed. In line with this, Zoho Orchestly affords its users tons of flexibility in deploying its features, from providing customizable forms to accepting custom-made automation coding to permitting third-party integrations.

Overview of Zoho Orchestly Advantages:

Data Capture

Data capture depends on forms, and Zoho Orchestly’s custom type creation feature referred to as Layouts offers users tons of management. Indeed, customization and management are the key factors that allow Zoho Orchestly’s Layouts to offer the maximum amount practicality for the recruiter as for the inventory manager. Layouts lets users customize forms to gather relevant process knowledge and management who gets access to what, reinforced with encryption to stay sensitive info protected. Layouts lets users manage who sends requests, outline who is accountable for knowledge capture processes and set access privileges to specific fields at intervals a form—all add to make field customization, of course.

Business Processes

Within Zoho Orchestly, workflows are pictured as flowcharts referred to as Blueprints, on top of that is accessorial a layer of management that lets users outline who is going to be accountable for every step of the method. This ensures each business method is correctly sorting out (in this case not simply documented however visualized) and answerability is clear. Moreover, users will add automatic tasks to the mapped workflows, settle for knowledge input in a period of time once drafting flowcharts, and create use of an easy, drag-and-drop interface once planning business processes.


As a ragbag of interconnected business method management capabilities usually with overlapping practicality and cross-departmental uses, Zoho Orchestly offers its users automation choices that the workflows designed at intervals the platform all perform swimmingly. Zoho Orchestly’s automation capabilities embrace business rules that outline automated actions related to business processes, webhooks that send notifications to third-party applications, and widgets that enrich the business process and let numerous process tools move with each other. If these without delay obtainable automation tools don't seem to be enough, Zoho Orchestly additionally accepts made-to-order functions through simple code.

Task Assignments

Requests that bear workflows within Orchestly are referred to as Jobs. Zoho Orchestly users choose that job to send through a business process within the new job pane or the service catalog. From there, these tasks are assigned or left unassigned for team members to choose up. Zoho Orchestly shows the present status of a task, its paper trail detailing what components of the business method it's already been through, and wherever it must go at intervals the workflow. Tasks progressing through a workflow is seen by users who requested them, maintaining transparency of business processes. Users who request employment might also value more highly to be notified relating to its achieve keep an in-depth eye thereon.

Finally, Zoho Orchestly also offers customization to those default report varieties. These reports and visualizations, employed in conjunction, show method length, bottlenecks in pipelines, areas of improvement for users accountable for tasks, and the way to additional efficiently distribute workloads.

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