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Zoho PageSense - A Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B Testing Platform

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Zoho PageSense is a conversion rate optimization (CRO) and A/B testing platform employed by businesses to spice up their website’s conversion rates. The tool offers you visibility over what your guests see on your websites. This insight helps you determine any problems in their expertise once navigating around your web site and fix them directly. Distinctive that page has several web site drop-offs is additionally out there.

You can track web site metrics with Goals, and Funnel Analysis; analyze visitor behavior with type Analytics, Heatmaps, and Session Recording; optimize your website’s conversion rates with A/B Tests. It helps you to see the press patterns and mouse movements of your web site guests to investigate their online behavior. You'll then optimize your web site by putting the proper components, layout, and format ineffective areas.

Zoho PageSense helps you create informed business selections to spice up your website’s conversions. It shows your web site visitors’ behavior, what has them hooked, and what attracts the foremost attention. You'll even produce variations of your web site and compare their performance to search out the one that works best.

By combining the powers of web site analysis and A/B testing, PageSense empowers you with the information to extend your website’s conversions while not having to juggle between multiple apps.


Get web site analytics in real-time, across countries, devices, and audience segments by making Goals.

Funnel Analysis

Track your website’s conversion funnel to search out the online page with the maximum drop-off.


See wherever your visitors click, however way down they scroll, and on that sections, they pay the foremost time.

Form Analytics

Break down visitors’ type of field interactions into perceptive info regarding the probable bottlenecks on your type.

Session Recording

Get associate replay of visitors’ interactions along with your web site. See what your guests expect, what frustrates them, and what pages they shift between.

A/B Testing

Compare the performance of website variations to search out the one with the foremost conversions mistreatment A/B tests.

Zoho PageSense also provides a Chrome extension that wraps the PageSense expertise into one button. With it, you'll easily:

  • Create an associate experiment for any page behind login sessions.

  • Create variations of the active website to A/B check.

  • Create heatmaps and examine its reports on live sites.

  • View all the experiments the active website may be a part of.

  • Invite new users and supply role-based access to experiments.

Start your 30-day free trial (no MasterCard required) with unlimited experiments!

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