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Zoho Recruit - A Leading Recruitment Management Platform

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Zoho Recruit is a leading recruitment management platform and applicant tracking system created for small startups and medium-sized corporations. It won our Great Customer Support Award and Customers’ Choice Award for its very good vary of customizable options and easy-to-use interface that each novice and skilled users love.

Completely cloud-hosted and mobile-ready, Zoho Recruit provides its users with powerful tools that may help them publish job openings, source candidates, assess resumes, additionally as manage interviews. Additionally, the software is also equipped with many back-office tools like document collaboration, territory management, and automatic workflows so as to assist you to create your overall operations more efficiently. The software is even equipped with security choices that enable you to stay your confidential knowledge faraway from prying eyes.

Aside from its usability and adaptability, another issue that users just like the most concerning Zoho Recruit are however it meets their transparency wants and the way it saves time. With it, they're provided 360-degree read of their candidates, requisitions, however additionally clients and contacts. Every step of the recruitment procedure is tracked and recorded, whereas the system ensures you may lean all visual indications to understand however well the method goes. Basically, you may have enough time to dedicate to every consumer and to handle matters that require your attention.

Another great point concerning Zoho Recruit is that they provide competitive rates that meet the money capacities of their customers. Freelance recruiters and little agencies will use the essential functionalities of this platform fully for free of charge. For larger corporations that need advanced options, there are paid plans bundled in line with the set of options they require. These vary from $29 to $75/month and might be beaked on a monthly or yearly basis looking on your preference.

As a part of the Zoho productivity suite, Zoho Recruit offers an embarrassment of best-in-class options that may enable you to streamline your accomplishment efforts and ensure that you just don’t miss an excellent rent. It's sure by company HRs, staffing agencies, and freelance recruiters for giving easy however sturdy functionalities additionally as an extremely configurable interface that produces it simple to change. To assist you to get an improved plan of its capabilities, here are a number of the most important advantages that Zoho Recruit has got to offer:

Automated Recruitment Processes

There are many back-office and front-office tasks concerned with recruitment efforts. You wish to create certain that you just supply your candidates from good places, post job listings on the proper platforms, consolidate candidate knowledge, and also the list goes on. Using Zoho Recruit, you'll be able to automatize a huge part of those processes in order that you'll be able to focus additional on attention-demanding responsibilities. With its customizable tools, you'll be able to program the software to automatize knowledge input, in a flash update interview schedules, consolidate candidate data, and tackle different tedious and repetitive accomplishment tasks.

Simplified Candidate Assessments

Perhaps one in all the most time-consuming of the recruitment process is a compilation of the vital data of your candidates for assessments. Using the candidate pages tool of Zoho Recruit, you'll be able to consider complete applicants’ profiles at a look while not having to sift through piles of documents. With this, all you've got to try and do is use the name of a candidate in your information, click it, and you may like a shot see his name, profile photos, contact knowledge (email, phone, address), and social links.

Faster Application Filtering

Another issue Zoho Recruit is significantly smart at serving clients hire effectively because it works on the idea of previously inserted values every individual ought to answer. If an application doesn’t fulfill any of the given criteria, it'll automatically be withdrawn unless the recruiter desires to seem at it thoroughly. In the meantime, Zoho Recruit can make sure the vacancy seems the least bit very important locations and job boards, in which quality candidates can eventually stumble upon it.

Centralized Applicant Database

After you decide on a candidate for hiring, you'll then automatically feed their data into centralized individual information for easier onboarding and performance observance. Once the records square measure within the system, Zoho Recruiter can manage candidates and current workers on your behalf, mistreatment their data keep in your information. because it is cloud-based, you'll be able to tumble up and running like a shot, and appearance forward to the very fact that there aren't any advanced downloads and pricey installations to fret concerning.

As a certified Zoho partner, we are happy to help you. Please fill the form below to book a Zoho consultant now.

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