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Difference Between Zoho APIs V1 and APIs V2

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The latest version of Zoho CRM APIs unrolled in Feb 2018. That's a significant upgrade on the prevailing APIs which incorporates changes in API call methods, output responses, and more. The new APIs use easy HTTP ways like GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. Information for input and responses is an equivalent, i.e JSON objects. This makes it attainable to send or fetch big amounts of knowledge with bigger accuracy as compared to the XML format.

The latest version of Zoho CRM's API will do an equivalent because of the previous version and far additional. We tend to suggest that you just begin to use the new APIs since the previous version is already deprecated.

What will API V2.0 has that Version one.0 doesn't?

  • Better security victimization OAuth 2.0, that comes with scope for every API decision. This ensures that even though tokens were disclosed it cannot be victimized since the tokens are valid just for an hour.

  • We've additionally other multi-DC support.

  • The daily limit of API calls is revised and dilated to 100,000 calls per day. (For the last word Edition, the limit is 200,000 per day).

  • API V2.0 follows REST customary and facilitates simple JSON parsing, within which all APIs follow an identical response structure.

  • There is a brand new API dashboard for the higher usage analysis.

  • API Names are introduced so the changes in names (labels) of custom fields and custom modules will not have an effect on your existing integrations.

Zoho CRM options That Use API V2.0

  • OAuth2.0: This protocol permits you to share specific information with any application whereas keeping your usernames and passwords non-public. This protocol provides users with a secure and simple thanks to user authentication.

  • Connections: The Connections feature may be an easy authentication mechanism wont to invoke any third-party applications’ REST APIs and obtain access to your documented information from your functions or widgets.

  • Functions: Zoho CRM Functions assist you to update the information in connected CRM modules or third-party applications by executing simple program scripts. With functions, you'll be able to program scripts victimization Deluge Script (powered by Zoho Creator), associate them to workflow rules, custom buttons, connected lists, schedules, and more.

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