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Features in the Zoho APIs 2.0

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The application programming interface, also called APIs, of Zoho, has modified, as we explained in our blog, it slow agone. To expand a touch the concept: APIs set a collection of actions that offer us access to bound tasks of software, like tasks to built, update or delete components.

So if you have got an application that performs automatic tasks, or there's an associated application that reads or writes data from your Zoho CRM with Zoho APIs V.1.0 you'll have to build the modification to Zoho APIs V.2.0.

The APIs of Zoho 1.0 is obsolete in December 2018, and Zoho now not supports, it's additionally expected to disconnect in 2019, from the Zoho developers page, we tend to desperately advocate that we tend to migrate to the Zoho API 2.0.

The Zoho CRM APIs give tools for developers to get solutions for multiple businesses. during this post from EasyToCheck Software Solutions, we wish to supply an outline of what is going to happen with the migration of APIs from Zoho 1.0 to 2.0.

If you would like to know what are types of APIs can modification and therefore the new API’s we tend to share it at the end of this post.

The update of version 2.0 of the Zoho APIs had an excellent impact on the utilization of APIs and functions (custom functions). The operation of the APIs is much identical, however, the syntax, the output, and method are totally different.

The APIs of Zoho V2.0 has the target that each one the interior processes that are administrated with these, are administrated in an exceedingly a lot of economical approach and overcoming the present limits.

The premise is obvious if you have got a service that reads or writes the info in your Zoho CRM through APIs or Third-Party applications, it's necessary to examine if they're going to be affected.

For example, any extension that you just have put in inside the Marketplace of your Zoho CRM, can should to alter from Zoho APIs 1.0 to Zoho APIs 2.0. If the extension supplier has not updated them, you'll have to be compelled to notice an answer.

New features in the Zoho APIs 2.0:

  • The API input and response formats only support JSON.

  • The APIs will be authenticated by the OAuth 2.0 protocol.

  • There are API names for modules, fields and related lists, in version 2.0, instead of showing the label as in the APIs of version 1.0.

  • API call limits are based on a 24-hour mobile window, while in V 1.0, the API call limit is based on the PST time zone.

  • Date and time values ​​are given in ISO 8601 date and time format (2018-03-28T10: 32: 45 + 05: 30).

  • All API names that begin with $ are read-only attributes.

  • When GET a record, the answer for empty fields is JSON Null.

  • In the GET APIs, the responses will have an information JSONObject.

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