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Update for Zoho API V1.0 to V2.0 at No Cost (Valid till 31st Dec 2019)

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An API is a set of an defined mechanism of communication between two or a lot of systems. Hence, the API is supreme to the best functioning of integration with the CRM system. Zoho API relies on REST API that permits you to attach the CRM system with third-party applications. And in 2018, Zoho created AN announcement that a brand new version of the API – Zoho V2.0 has been free and replaced the previous version V1.0.

Most of the individuals grasp that the support for the Zoho CRM V1.0 API has been depreciated on 31st Dec 2018 itself. Stating that Zoho won't offer any development support associated with V1.0 API. However, the practicality inbuilt that version of the API can stay active until Dec, 31st 2019 by sunset.

Though the upgrade would possibly sound a small amount of trouble, however, Zoho CRM V2.0 API is giving tons of flexibility and extra options designed to boost the combination security with the third-party systems, still as up the practicality and dependableness of the API interface.

If you as a user continues to be exploitation the V1.0 APIs, it’s time to upgrade the API to V2.0 so as to smoothen still as fasten up the business processes.

With this authentication methodology that V1.0 offers, a compromised API key might offer AN unauthorized user with body privileges.

This security risk can not prevail with API V2.0 as there are not any permanent access keys to be compromised. OAuth2.0 protocol provides users a secure and straightforward thanks to user authentication.

This is not the top of the feature list of the latest Zoho CRM API 2.0. There's plenty the plate that Zoho development services are giving and perpetually up to form the client expertise higher.

Zoho API v2.0 offers several major advantages over API v1.0:

  • Significant Increase within the daily limits of API calls (up to 1,000,000 calls)

  • Authentication via OAuth 2.0 protocol

  • API V2.0 includes practicality associated with Blueprints, approvals, and workflows

  • Adherence to REST standards

  • API 2.0 provides straightforward JSON parsing solely but, API V1.0 was victimization JSON and XML parsing (XML was a small amount quaint and slow as well)

  • New API dashboard for higher usage analytics

  • Introduction of API names in order that the changes in names (labels) of custom fields and custom modules won’t have an effect on the present integration which was an extended time

  • want an upgrade that developers and business homeowners were trying to find.

  • Date/Time field values are updated to the ISO 8601 format that has the zone.

  • Better Support for Mobile SDKs, JavaScript SDKs, and Server aspect SDKs.

  • Introduction to share a number of the permissions on the module likewise as records accessibility

However, If you're not familiar with the upgradation method, please contact EasyToCheck Software Solutions for free API updation.

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