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Zoho Analytics - An Online Reporting Tool

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

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Zoho Analytics is a data analytics software that offers you the right insights and turns information into intuitive visualizations. Previously known as Zoho Reports, this tool is upgraded into self-service business intelligence, data analytics, and on-line reporting platform. It shows hidden insights, identifies trends, monitors key business metrics, and determines outliers. The tool makes it simple for everyone in your organization to realize powerful reports.

Zoho Analytics is a key to understand your business, competition, customers and prospects is collecting the right information. Thus, data management is required to make the data accessible, consistent and actionable. We assist the organizations to convert the formless data into business intelligence and prescriptive analytics.

Zoho Analytics provides you a report of your organization’s performance across different departments by consolidating data from completely different sources. Users will then utilize these data to drill down reports through visualizations and building reports and dashboards. Technical skills don't seem to be needed with the tool’s drag-and-drop editor.

Collaboration is achieved confidently within the platform because it is powerfully secure. Reports will simply be shared and published along with your team members, clients, and vendors whereas you'll be able to leverage communication with messages and in-context comments. If an outlier occurs, everyone is notified in real-time when you set intelligent data alerts.

Zoho Analytics has a good assistant named Zia. designed over artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning technologies, Zia will give you answers through KPI widgets and reports in response to your queries. Moreover, the tool allows you to plant analytics supported by your own branding. it's accessible on any mobile device – each iOS and Android – and may be integrated with a third-party app. Other than its cloud-based answer, Zoho Analytics offers you the choice to put in the tool on-premise.

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