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Zoho Workerly - An Attendance Management Platform

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

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Zoho Workerly is a powerful and easy to use time and attending management platform to change and speed up human resources-related processes, primarily time observance and attending management. A cloud-based platform that delivers powerful and sturdy practicality, Workerly is presently employed by several of the world’s leading companies across varied industries. Among its notable users embrace Nestle, Samsung, Lotte, and ZTE.

With Workerly each manager and staff get pleasure from a huge vary of versatility and quality. Managers are able to monitor employee schedules via their mobile devices across locations whereas staff will enter and clock off using their smartphones even once on the go. Workerly is made to stick to compliance standards, guaranteeing that companies are performing arts well at intervals the bounds of laws and rules whereas still having the ability to chop down labor prices, get rid of time-intensive work, and considerably enhance productivity.

Keeping track of employees’ attending and hours worked is a frightening task. That's if you haven’t shifted from manual processes to an additional seamless, quick, and correct setup that Workerly provides. This cloud-based time and worker attending software is meant to form attending management and time observance a full heap easier, thus you'll be able to channel your attention and experience to different pressing matters.

With Zoho Workerly, observance worker attending and also the hours they work is currently an easy method. Managers will keep an eye on their staff via smartphones and tablets. This means even though they're not physically present within the workplace, whether or not on a business trip or operating within the field, managers will log in to the system and see who is present, who is taking an opening, etc.

Employees, on the opposite hand, can love however simply they'll enter and clock off using Workerly. The system instantly turns their smartphones and tablets into a mobile clock, guaranteeing that they log in and out where they will be.

Aside from observance attending and chase time, Zoho Workerly also comes with options that create it simple to make and implement schedules, generate reports and analytics to assess time and attending, and manage info effectively. The platform also offers a payroll system integration for a fast and easy process of payroll reports, etc.

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